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  • Google Search News January 2021

    Google Search News ( Jan ’21 )
  • Band Of Horses - Marry Song Cover

    Band Of Horses – Marry Song Cover

    Blake & Brook Stansbury – Marry Song Cover Vocals & Guitar: Blake StansburyVocals: Brooke StansburyUkulele: Josh Courville Director / 1st Camera, Edited, Color by Jason Stansbury1st AD/ 2nd Camera Operator by Jacob Hodgson

  • We’re In This Love Together – A Tribute to Al Jarreau

    When Chris Walker approached me about his idea of doing a tribute album for Al Jarreau, I jumped at the opportunity to help. Chris was the bass player and music director for Al. He’s also an amazing singer. The ideas was that we would create video for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, but some of the band members live in…