Work With Us Strategic Marketing & Advertising All design and creativity aside, nothing can happen if it's not marketed, optimized and targeted to the right audience. We are artists and creatives first, but we also know that marketing, SEO and lead generation are vital to any business. We combine Art and Technology to help build some of the largest and most successful brands around.

Work With Us Video Production & Editing Our film production arm, Hodgson Studios offers a unique set of film production skills that we bring to our clients table. Since 2008, when digital video became possible, we have been at the forefront of technology. We have high quality, 4.6k cameras, rigs and editing suites to make your video project a reality. Work With Us Web Design & Development Web Design and development has come a long way. From hand-coded HTML sites, to Flash animated sites and CMS's. We use the latest in Web technologies to build, deploy and optimize your customers web experience. Our background in Design and Marketing makes us a unique asset to your business growth. Work With Us Visual Communications With over 25 years of experience in Graphic Design and advertising, we have the experience, insight and knowledge to make your next marketing piece, event or design the best in the market. Let us help you cut though the clutter and design your brand experience.
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Visual Storytellers

Our video production department ( ) creates cinematic stories that tap the emotions of your viewing audience. Use video to tell your brand story and connect emotionally with your potential customers.

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